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All about Lego

Below are the most common questions and answers about Lego. It's free for everyone to complete the answer with things that suit you. Feel free to tell "What types of LEGO you have? and " What is your favorite LEGO. 

What is LEGO?

LEGO is a building block of plastics. (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. You call also known as ABS.) At the top of the block and sit round studs on the bottom hollow tubes. Thereby adapting the building blocks really well together and you can make a lot of construction experiences.

Who invented LEGO?

That was Ole Kirk Christiansen. He lived in Denmark and he was actually a carpenter. He lived from 1891 to 1958.

Where does LEGO come from?

LEGO is made in Denmark. In Denmark, you also have a big Legoland. That's an amusement park. Later there was in UK opened Legoland, as well as the German Legoland. There are also Legoland parks in California, Florida and Malaysia. You can see more of this at my link page.

When LEGO arise?

Ole Kirk Christiansen began a carpentry shop in 1916. He made furniture at that time. From 1932 he started making wooden toys. Then he started using the name LEGO. LEGO means in Danish 'play well'. In the Latin (which is a very old language) means "I collect." After the Second World War plastic became quite popular. Since 1947, Christiansen make plastic building blocks.

How is LEGO?

LEGO is made of plastic pellets. Those grains make them warm and they pour the liquid plastic into molds. These molds have to be emptied after a few seconds and the hard plastic will come out. You can see the Youtube movie here under.

What can you do with it?

With Lego you can build. You can create your own structures, but you can also recreate something of a drawing. Then others have figured out what you're going to build. 

Why LEGO is so much fun?

You can come again and again and make other structures. You can also try to carry out complex plans. When you're older, you can even make robots. Those robots programming with your computer, and then move them really!

Who is playing with LEGO?

Very small children play with DUPLO. Boys and girls with LEGO. There are so many different series. There is something for everyone. Even adults play with LEGO. They play mostly with Technic and Mindstorms. Technically LEGO Technic and Mindstorms robots do.

What types of LEGO exist?

There are a lot of LEGO series. Examples are: Atlantis, Belville, Cars, Castle, City, Creator, Dino, Duplo, Friends, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Mindstorms, Pirates, Power Functions, Power Miners, Racers, Sports, Star Wars, Super Heroes Technic and Trains.

How many different types of LEGO elements are there?

The site are thousands of components consisting of LEGO!

Where can you buy LEGO?

LEGO little boxes you can buy almost anywhere. In the Netherlands you can find them at stores like, Blokker, Bart Smit, Intertoy's and many internet shops. Large and special boxes you buy at the toy store or over the Internet. Via the Internet LEGO is cheaper because they do not have overhead costs as a normal shop.

Where can you buy loose stones?

Did you lose a stone? This is difficult. You can also buy loose stones. First, look at the website. There you will find the stone on which you lost. Have you found the right LEGO product number? Then you can buy that stone sometimes at For example, you do it via the Internet at

Where can you find plans?

On the internet you can find many plans. This website contains many examples by movie if you do not like paper or lost your plan. We work on making this movie libary of plans bigger and bigger.

How do you clean LEGO?

LEGO can be washed in the washing machine at low temprature. Put the parts in a laundry bag. Maybe your mother has already one, or can fix one, but you can also buy them in many stores. Dry the LEGO well and let the stone also went air dry. Old LEGO (from your father or grandfather) must not be put in the washing machine. All LEGO (including the old) can alway's be washed by hand, like the dishes hand wash.